Monday, October 4, 2010

My Calm

I'm sitting alone in my living room, basking in the glow of the computer screen and the quiet of my house. It's not silent. I can hear the low hum of the TV that Larry is watching in the basement. I can hear the rhythmic tapping of the ceiling fan as it lazily stirs the air. Every now and then I can hear one of the girls whispering a song or a story, anything to keep themselves awake just a little bit longer. I can hear the dogs toenails clicking across the hard wood floor of the dining room, on a mission to find any lingering morsels of dinner that might have fallen from a small hand and been missed by the broom. I don't mind listening to these sounds. The sounds of another day coming to an end. Sleep will come soon to my babies and I will go in and tug the covers just a little higher on their chests. I will tiptoe out of their bedrooms and join Larry downstairs to relax and enjoy some time to ourselves. This might be the most beautiful moment of every day. My time. My calm.

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