Friday, October 1, 2010

Sister Time

More often than not, when I find all three of the girls huddled together they are concocting some sort of evil plan to annoy/anger/exasperate me. And then there are times like this. Times when I find them all together on Vanessa's bed sharing some sister time and a book. Natalie is at the wonderful stage where she is able to read and is so excited to share it that reading a Dora book to her little sisters is fun. When I walked in on this private moment it made my heart melt. My hope is that the girls always want to spend time together, but I realize that as they get older and other factors come into play (hello friends and boys and talking on the phone to those friends and boys) times like these may happen less and less. So we will enjoy them while they last and someday down the road maybe they will remember how special it was to snuggle together and share a book.

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  1. I really, really heart this!! Love - their Nana.