Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things That Make Me Feel Old #643

True Story:
Larry and I went out for lunch today. My mom was watching the girls for my birthday so we actually had the chance to choose a restaurant based on more specifications then just "kid friendly" and "serves chicken fingers". Ironically we chose a place that the girls would have loved...we are mean that way.
We were seated across from the waitress's station and couldn't help but observe the goings on of the waitresses, bus boys and girls, and management. It was actually kind of entertaining. In just the little time we were there I was able to discern who was the "bitchy" waitress, the "fun" manager, and the bus boy that all the girls wanted bussing their tables (if you know what I mean). And then this transaction took place....

An older waitress (and by older I mean she had been out of high school for at least 20 years) passed by a younger waitress (and by younger I mean will graduate high school in no more then 3 years). The older waitresses hands were full so she asked the younger waitress if she could grab a few things from her. The YW (as she will now be called) said sure and took a few dirty plates from her. The OW (I'm sure you get the idea) said something to the effect of "Thanks! You're swell." I noticed that the YW didn't say anything back to her. Just because I didn't have my children at the time doesn't mean I didn't have the VERY strong urge to remind the YW to say you're welcome. It's all about manners people. The OW walked away and another YW walked up and started talking to YW#1 (is this getting confusing yet?). The original younger waitress turned to the new younger waitress and, quite seriously, asked "What does swell mean? Tracy just said I was swell! What does that mean?!?" I almost choked on my english muffin. Do youngins' really not know what swell means? Or was this girl just a little dimmer then the other light bulbs? The other younger waitress looked just as perplexed and they both gave the older waitress a dirty look. I couldn't believe it.

So, the point of this whole story is that once again I was reminded I'm old. I say things like awesome and cool and gag me with a spoon (OK, I only say that in my valley girl voice when I'm trying to confuse my works.). Maybe I should start saying things like fresh or wicked or whatever else kids these days are saying. The problem there is that I'm not sure what most of these new words/sayings mean. I would hate to respond inappropriately. Wouldn't that just be swell?


  1. This post was baadd. And, by that, I think I mean great. :) Well, as you can see, the older you get, the worse it is. However.....Swell? They really didn't know what Swell meant? Scary. It makes me wonder how I will communicate when the older I get, the less I understand. Funny story! MOM

  2. Just except it Loni. We are knarly and all that jazz. I could go on and on about words of what I hear.. like just this last week I guess "hanging out" means doing it. ha ha..