Friday, December 3, 2010


The other night, before Natalie's school Christmas program, she and I were getting ready together in my bathroom. I had curled her hair and she had put on her gorgeous dress. I had straightened my hair and was getting ready to put on makeup. It was a special occasion after all! As I was applying the foundation Natalie's eyes got big and round and her mouth formed a perfect O. And then she said this....

"MOM! I know what I can get you for Christmas!!! I will get you something to cover up all those wrinkles on your face!!!!"

She was so happy and excited that she had thought of such a perfect gift all by herself. She turned back to the mirror to twirl and pose. I also turned back to the examine my wrinkles!
Ultimately I told her that I loved the thought she had put into her present idea, but maybe a tube of lipstick or a nice smelling perfume would be better. "But mom, that won't cover up those wrinkles...."

I love that child.

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  1. Gotta love her for trying to help. :) If you've got wrinkles, I wonder what she'd like to get her Nana for the 'craters'! Don't ask her, OK?
    I also love that child! I'm still upset about having to miss her First Christmas Program! Please let me know when I can see the video. Mom.